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Specialist in Smart Home, Professional Automation, Lighting and Audiovisual

Born from the union of a designer / light programmer and an interior designer, both passionate about new technologies for comfort, well-being, energy saving and safety, the company ONE TOUCH DOMOTICS will meet your needs for your smart home, professional automation, lighting and audiovisual projects.

Our company relies primarily on LOXONE technology of which we are certified and trained partners.

This high technology, founded by the company LOXONE since 2009, has made it possible to carry out more than 140,000 Residential and Professional Projects thanks to its 250 partners located around the world including ONE TOUCH DOMOTICS.

Our will, an intelligent and secure system that thinks and acts for you.

With an average of 50,000 annual tasks carried out thanks to the intelligence of a smart home, we guarantee you more security, serenity and freedom on a daily basis for you and your loved ones.
The return trip home to lunch with your friends because you think you have not turned off the iron, will only be a distant memory.

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