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Ambient Assisted Living

To continue to lead an independent life, at home, is the wish of
many elderly people. Home automation is a solution that allows
to guarantee security, support and assistance to their loved ones

Caregivers are also asking for support to maintain
at home for the elderly or disabled. Home automation is
a solution capable of complementing - or even replacing - certain tasks

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Automatic notification in an emergency, for example, can
make it possible to lighten surveillance while providing relatives and
caregivers peace of mind.

Elderly people, families, home helpers, caregivers, ... Find out how
automation can help everyone through a few examples
of use:

Bienveillance: À propos

Automatic lighting at night.

If the inhabitant gets up at night to go to the toilet, for example, the lighting automatically detects the presence of a person when it gets up and lights the way with a soft light. No need to look for switches in the dark, the lighting automatically turns off once the person has returned to bed.

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Fall alert

“The motion sensors installed in the heart of the home make it possible to detect falls or any anomaly (absence of movement, detection of unusual gestures).

For example, if the person walks into the bathroom but the motion sensor does not detect an exit after a while, it may indicate a problem.

The family and / or the nursing staff are then informed.

Panic button

Switches with “panic” functionality can be installed throughout the house in strategic locations.

A simple push allows the resident to alert family members or caregivers of a difficulty or danger.


Household appliances

With home automation, by simply making a long click on a single switch from the bed, night mode and household appliances are automatically switched off, it is the same when leaving the house.

A turned on iron may cause a fire.

Access to emergency services

In an emergency, the inhabitant can press one of the tactile switches at his disposal to activate “emergency” mode.

The door is automatically unlocked in order to let the nursing staff in, the lights flash to indicate to outsiders in which apartment or house the intervention must take place.


Air quality

Air quality can be monitored and controlled for temperature, humidity and CO2 level.

The risk of disease infection can be minimized with optimal ventilation.

The air flow can be adjusted at any time of the day according to the indoor and outdoor temperature, air quality, etc.

Automatic lighting

When we leave a room, we often forget to turn off the light.

In order to avoid this and save unnecessary energy costs, the lighting switches on automatically when there is movement within a room and switches off when no one is present.


Audio reminders

The system can act as an alarm to remind residents to take their medication through a predefined voice message on the speakers.

A family member can instantly record and send a 60 second voice message through the app.

Behind a simple switch and a presence sensor, all security is put into action and reassuring daily life for the whole family.

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