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A Loxone Smart Home is a smart home that alone performs most of the tasks related to safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

An average saving of more than 50,000 tasks per year for a family of 4 who will offer you the only irreplaceable thing: time for you and your loved ones!

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The system connects all the equipment in your home much like a human nervous system connects all of our organs and muscles. It lets individual devices literally talk to each other. Thanks to this perfect interaction, the server anticipates habits, desires and needs, thus offering an unprecedented comfort of life.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The first reason to invest in a home automation system is energy saving, comfort and safety. Other benefits the owner can enjoy are convenience, remote access, and peace of mind.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Our system is fully autonomous and requires no internet connection for its use, all your data is encrypted and secured internally at home, no access possible to your home or functions from outside.

This is the strong point of Loxone, your smart / connected home, your data.

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With the intelligent lighting control, light scenes create the right atmosphere at the right time. Adjust and personalize your lighting moods at any time.

When you get up at night, soft lighting guides your way without waking those around you.

Presence detection in each room will optimize your lighting on and off to save energy.


Blind control

Fully automatic and intelligent shading, depending on the position of the sun, solar radiation and temperature.

Thanks to automatic shading, there is always a pleasant climate in your rooms, at a lower cost.

An economic gain on the overconsumption of your air conditioning.


The app-enabled video intercom lets you see what's going on in your home anytime, anywhere. You can always see via App, who would like to visit you and possibly open the door at any time.

For example, you can easily open the door for the delivery man from a distance, or even let your neighbor come in to water your flowers.


Air conditioning

Optimal indoor climate through control
intelligent heating, cooling & ventilation

When the room climate is ideal 24 hours a day, that's wonderful. And happy residents, free from the need for control over heating and ventilation - that's exactly what you can expect in a facility with smart climate control.


Energy saving and safety prevention on switching on / off electronic devices or specific circuits, depending on the presence in the house.

A triple click on the switch to switch to night mode and all your equipment is disconnected from their power supply.

This function will also be active when you leave for work as soon as the alarm is activated.


Multiroom audio

Stream to multiple sources in the areas you want.

Web radio in the living room, usb playlist in the kitchen, SD Card playlist in the bedroom, change the source wherever you are at any time.

The music starts playing when someone enters the room, and stops automatically when they leave.

The audio system will also have the functions of doorbell, audio alarm, task reminder.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Acces control

Secure access control thanks to personalized badges, full access for the family, opening of the motorized gate only for the gardener.

Doorbell function and activate / deactivate alarm.

Provisional code on a time slot for your delivery person while waiting for a package.

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During an intrusion, the speakers broadcast a sound signal or predefined message, the lights in the area flash, the blinds open, the intruders are then uncovered and you immediately receive an alert on your smartphone or a triggering of call your security service.

Fire and flood

Smoke detectors, flood sensors and temperature probes allow continuous monitoring of your home.

When a danger is detected, a chain of actions is immediately triggered.


Specific functions

The automatic watering of your lawns, garden, irrigation management is one of the many examples that home automation is able to manage for you.

Our solution is very advanced on security, it is a proprietary protocol, fully encrypted and secure.

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