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You want to automate certain areas or specific functions of your building, office or company, we will simplify your daily tasks in a measure of simplicity, safety for your teams and energy saving.

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Automatic switching on / off of lights in passage areas depending on the presence of personnel.

Creation of luminous and colorimetric atmospheres that can be adapted to your activities or scenarios.

Imagine in your restaurant a subdued atmosphere for the week, colorful and festive for Saturday evenings without any action on your part.


Blind control

Fully automatic and intelligent shading, depending on the position of the sun, solar radiation and temperature. Thanks to automatic shading, there is always a pleasant climate in your offices and premises, at a lower cost. An economic gain on the overconsumption of your air conditioning.


With to the precise detection of CO2, humidity and temperature, the automation guarantees pleasant and healthy air quality.

Temperature sensors record data and report outliers.


Air conditioning

Start-up, automatic and programmable shutdown of your air conditioning systems.


Automation of switching on and off of electrical devices and
specific circuits, for optimal energy savings and safety

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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Multiroom Audio

Sound and music broadcasting depending on the area, with independent sources and media.

Automation of starting and stopping the sound according to the passages in the zones.

Possibility of integrating voice synthesis and
text ads anytime.

Acces control

Secure access control with badges

Opening of exterior and interior access (gates, parking lots, doors) with the possibility of restrictions depending on users and schedules.



During an intrusion, the speakers broadcast a sound signal or predefined message, the lights in the area flash, the blinds open, the intruders are then uncovered and you immediately receive an alert on your smartphone or a triggering of call your security service.

Fire and flood

Smoke detectors, flood sensors and temperature probes allow continuous monitoring of your building.

When a danger is detected, a chain of actions is immediately triggered.


Specific functions

The programmed and intelligent watering of industrial crops, irrigation management is one of the many examples that home automation is able to manage for you.

Due to the multitude of open and freely configurable interfaces, as well as the free programming possibility of the intelligent automation solution, we offer you the customization you need.

Our solution is very advanced on security, it is a proprietary protocol, fully encrypted and secure.

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